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How Do I Join the PTA? 
It is EASY! Simply print off the membership form, attach the dues payment of $5/person (cash or check payable to Suwanee ES PTA), and send in to your child’s teacher in an envelope labeled “PTA Membership.” Don’t have a printer or prefer to join at the school? Visit the PTA room (located in the back left corner of the front hall) and pick up a membership form. Fill it out, attach your dues payment and return it to your child’s teacher.

PTA Membership FAQs

Why should I join the PTA?
The answer will vary depending on who is asking. For everyone – it is a way to show support in a child’s education and school. For some, it is a great way to be involved in your child’s school. For others, it can be a means to more effectively suggest change in the school. You may also experience a personal satisfaction from volunteering and putting your skills and hobbies to use for a noble cause. It also offers a chance to be a positive role model for your child – you demonstrate the importance you place on education. Finally, you may take advantage of the host of benefits that membership brings, including discounts and offers from various providers, magazine subscriptions, leadership training, e-newsletters, and more.

Do I have to join each year?
Yes, membership in the PTA is an annual commitment – so you’ll need to renew each year (memberships are good from July 1-June 30).

What if I’m a member at another school or have already joined somewhere else?
We encourage you to join as many PTA or PTSA groups as you’d like – certainly at each child’s school, but membership is open to anyone regardless of if you have a child in the school or not – so feel free to join anywhere you’d like to show support or voice an opinion.

Are my children eligible to join – my friend mentioned that she had joined for she, her husband, and both of her children?
Yes – children are welcome to join, as are grandparents or other family members. You don’t even have to live in the same city to be a member of a school’s PTA/PTSA. Joining the PTA is a show of support.

If I join, will I have to attend PTA meetings?
No, your attendance is never required, but we hope you’ll come to meetings (only 3 per year) where you can to voice your opinions or find out what’s going on. Outside of meetings, you can also find out what is happening with the PTA by checking out the PTA website, our Facebook page, reading the PTA section of the school’s Pricipal Express email blast, or contacting the many PTA officers and chairs with your questions and comments.

As a member, am I required to donate additional time?
No – once you are a member, you can determine how much or how little you’d like to participate. The success of PTA-sponsored events relies on volunteer support, but how much you take part is up to you.

What does the PTA at our school actually do?
This is a great question. Per the PTA mission, values, and purposes, we promote children’s health, well-being, and educational success by providing support, sponsoring events and activities, and acquiring key resources when needed. Specific PTA-sponsored programs and items include: Family Learning Night, Arts Night, Reflections Arts program and awards, Fall Festival, 2-3 AKS/Curriculum based performances for each grade level each year, family nights at the Gwinnett Gladiators and Gwinnett Braves games, Skate Nights, Room Parent support, Spirit Nights at local businesses, Yearbook sales, Spirit wear sales, grants for teachers, appreciation for teachers and volunteers, support for 5th grade end-of-year activities, and many, many improvements to the school (i.e., the purchase of countless technology items, books and materials for the Media Center, playground equipment and track, gymnasium improvements, construction of the outdoor classroom – various items each year). All of this is planned and organized by PTA volunteers, who work with the school’s staff and administration with support from the community. As you can see, there are many ways to help out – the PTA invites and welcomes anyone who wants to contribute their time and talents.

How much are dues – what does it cost to join?

Our dues are just $5/person – less than the price of a fast food lunch out or a little more than a trip to Starbucks. We keep $1.25 per member at the school; the rest pays for State and National PTA dues.

What do I get for my $5?
The satisfaction of supporting your child’s PTA/PTSA, as well as many member benefits posted on the Georgia and National PTA websites ( or, in addition to coupons or other incentives we are currently offering locally.

What do I do with my Membership Card once I join?
You should activate it with the National PTA ( ) and then keep it. You may be asked to show it during the year at local PTA-sponsored events to gain extra “members-only” benefits or during elections in the spring.

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